The Shattuck Andronico was very expensive and the service was pretty good, especially when compared with the Shattuck Safeway. I really can understand how the management of that Safeway store does not try to change the customer experience. It is not universal but many Safeway employees at that store seem to lack the basic skills to do their job and in many cases literally do not understand what it takes to provide good customer service.

There s special events, too. Just because summer is winding down doesn t mean the fishing has to end. Bass Pro Shops Fall Fishing event offers free seminars, kids activities and crafts Saturday and Sunday, Sept. This is the same equation, a few decades delayed, that has led to riots, coups, starvation and suffering in other Melanesian countries like the Solomon Islands, Discount Authentic Jerseys Papua New Guinea and Fiji.What different here is that as development workers we have the lessons learned from what happening elsewhere in the world and we have time. Where most development work throughout the world is dealing with crises that are a result of overpopulation and urban drift, in Vanuatu we working to prevent and contain those issues from ever happening. This is, of course, very idealistic and it a serious race against time.Some of the goals I working with are to help villagers build the capacity of their land through agro forestry and green manure systems to help them create new sources of income through utilizing the resources they already have and thus build the capacity of the village economy to support and sustain its people, and to raise awareness about environmental issues, population and reproductive health issues to help people protect their land and themselves from the dangers of encroaching external development.

Then there is Prem Watsa of Canadian insurer Fairfax Financial. He bet against the S 500 while everyone was buying stocks in the late 1990s before the dot com crash. More recently, he amassed insurance contracts that paid out on corporate defaults before the credit crisis.

Back in the summer, when Century was having labor problems at one of its Kentucky plants, a bunch of folks from Goose Creek drove up there on their own to help keep the smelters running. You don’t find that kind of loyalty in many companies these days. But the folks at Century are invested, with good reason..

Still, lest we get too enthusiastic, there is a potential fly in the ointment for natural gas. As Dan Einwechter, CEO of Challenger Motor Freight pointed out to me in the Executive View interview you find starting on page 32, gas is cheap in part because there no road tax on it. If the trucking industry suddenly transitioned to gas en masse, you can bet the feds would move quickly to tax natural gas in much the same way they do diesel today.